jueves, 19 de abril de 2007


BIANCA was born in Maracaibo-Venezuela in 1984. When she was 17 years old on November 2004, she finished high school and began University. She register in Rafael Urdaneta University. She studied psychology. She didn't like her carrer so she change of it. Actually she studies Industrial Relations in Urbe. She is in second semester of the carrer and she like it.

-BIANCA was born in Maracaibo-Venezuela.

-She was 17 years old.
-She finished High School.
-She register in Rafael Urdaneta University.
-She studie psychology.
-She didin't like her carrer.

-She change of University and carrer.
-She register in Urbe.
-She study Industrial Relations.
-She is in second semester of the carrer.


Melissa was born in Korea in 1978. When she was 17 years old she finished high school and moved to the United State. Her English wasn't very good so she took englhis classes. She didn't go to college right away two years later in 1997. She finished her english classes.

-Melissa was born in Korea
-She was 17 years old
-She finished High School
-She moved to the U.S.A
-Her english wasn't very good
-She took English classes
-She didn't go to college right
-She finished her english classes
-She went to college
-Her English was pretty good
-She spoke english fluenty

martes, 17 de abril de 2007



Chinita's Fair.

In this composition will talk about one of most famous fair in my country that is Chinita's fair.

The name of the festioval is Chinita's fair.

It's celebrated in Maracaibo on November of every years.

This fair is carried out from the virgin's appearance in the waters of Maracaibo's lake, is a simbol of faith and it thrills.

There are diverse activities like procession orchestrales musical groups, theater groups for boy, etc.

A comitee in charge of the organization and control of the good operation of the fair exist.

This festival dayhas a great meaning for all the marabinos.


Visit The Doctor.

In this composition treats about a visit to the doctor. Exposes term related with diseases.

Amy: Hi! What’s the matter?
Amanda: I feel sick. I have headache.
Amy: That’s too bad. I think that you need to see a doctor.
Amanda: ok.

Monica: Hello, good morning.
Amanda: Hi! I’m here because I have a terrible headache.
Monica: Sit down over there, and wait a minute please.
Dr Daniel: Hello! Good morning. How are you?
Amanda: I feel bad, I have a headache.
Dr Daniel: Why?
Amanda: Because I have a lot of work, it’s stressful, my life is stressful!
Dr. Daniel: Well, I’m going to give you some aspirins. Take one aspirins every day after lunch.
Amanda: Yes doctor, Thank you very much. Bye.
Dr Daniel: Bye. I hope you feel better.


The Address.

In this composition relates the form to give an address exactly. It’s very useful to the hour to explain to somebody how get the right way.

The restaurant is on the Yoly Street between the first one and second avenue.
The cinema this in the street Steven between the second and third Avenue behind the station on gasoline.
The bank this in this fourth Avenue between the streets Yoly and Rose behind the Postal office.
The hospital this located in the street Steven between the third and quarter Avenue in front of the cinema.


Composition of My Quesillo.
In this composition I describe the way to make a delicious Quesillo. A delicious dessert in my country.

I like to make quesillo because it’s very easy and fast.
Usually I make quesillo on weekend with my family.
The preparation is with two tin can condensed milk, four eggs, one spoon of sugar, one spoon of vanilla and two spoon of liquor.
Mix the ingredient in a stew with a beater make a caramel with sugar and water all stay in sugar shed the mixture and lit it cook for one hour.


Composition of Food Pyramid.

In this composition you can know about my nutritional habits. The food that I like the food that I eat.

My food good is chicken, pasta, fish, bread, beef, candy, cheese, banana and oranges.
I usually eat a little milk, yogurt and apple.
The bad food for me is Broccoli, butter and Oil.